Shtream (pronounced shhhtream) is the brainchild of Maurice Olum. Around 2011 Maurice wanted to simplify how businesses could tap into leads that were getting posted on social media on a daily basis.

“When people post asking for recommendation e.g. a decent restaurant for the weekend, they are directing their messages to their friends or followers. But what if the businesses had immediate access to this information?”, Maurice argued. Just like that, Shtream was born.

In 2012 Maurice set Moleads to develop and market Shtream.  Over the next few years Maurice went through various ups and downs to develop prototypes, which included a web version. In 2014 Shtream attracted interest from various stakeholders, including investors. Finally, in 2017, Moleads launched Shtream beta version.

Some of the early Shtream believers include John Bayne who is now part of Moleads. With over 30 years experience in accounting and finance, John plays a vital role in the financial aspects and strategies of Moleads.

Shtream is now available on private beta. Please fill in your name and email on the Testing The Apps page to receive the install link.

Moleads is registered at 88 Church Road, Stockton On Tees, TS18 1TW.